I’m traveling to China!

I’m traveling to China!

If you are a student, it seems near impossible to scroll down your facebook feed without seeing another student’s
“Study Abroad Travel Blog” or “Camp Adventure Travel Blog”.

These posts are a dime a dozen and they’re slightly annoying.
I get it.

That being said… here is another one!

I figure my family would at least like to see updates on my travels abroad in China and if others viewers happen to…

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Photoshoot | DeGroot Wedding

Photoshoot | DeGroot Wedding

Once upon a time, there were two fourteen year old girls.
These girls were like any other teen BFF duo.
They had sleepovers, took silly photos, and exchanged dream-like thoughts of their future weddings.
Six years later, one of these girls walked down the aisle and the other, captured her special day. 

I am so excited to be blogging about photographing my second wedding!
I shot my first wedding…

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